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When you meet Juan Carlos Jiménez for the first time, it quickly becomes apparent why it is so many of his clients become life long friends.  A man who is as passionate about his cigars as he is of his Cuban heritage, you will find this same enthusiasm resonates to how he conducts his business and lives everyday life.


With his father Juanito's name as the landmark of his company, and also the name bestowed on the first line of cigars his boutique factory produced, Jiménez tells us, "It is because of the admiration and respect I hold for my father, and watching first hand what a class act he was throughout his life, that I wanted to honor him by producing a line of cigars that are as highly regarded and distinguished as he was!


I took my very first puff at the age of 5 while still living in Cuba, and the euphoric feeling it gave me never left!" states Jiménez.  "Over the years my father and I smoked many great cigars together, and I'm confident to say the Cuban seed Juanito's we produce at our factory in the Dominican Republic are definitely some of the very finest cigars being made today!  My only regret is that my father passed away before being able to share this honor with him."


That was 1997, and since that time, Juan Carlos, along with his wife Isabella, continue to grow their company and expand their lines, while assuring to never waiver from the impeccable quality they have become  known for, and the personal service they provide each and every client!


In 2012 they chose the coastal lowcountry of South Carolina to call home, and it is also here where they exclusively feature their cigars at wholesale prices to the public, at their specialty destination shop - ta·ca·rón.


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Compared to - and often proclaimed by cigar aficionados to be superior to the prestigious brands of Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Davidoff, Montecristo & Padrón,

without the prestigious brand prices!

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