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100% Pure Slow Roasted

Café Robusto of Dominican Republic

Purchase in full bean or ground to your specification.




Some of the Most Enjoyable Coffee You Will Ever Drink!


I say this with so much conviction, I christened it with the names of my parents, Juanito & Conchita!  Yes, that is them - dancing on a rooftop in Cuba, B.C. - before Castro.


Like so many who faced the wrath of this young new dictator in the early sixties; being forced at gunpoint to forfeit their businesses and stripped of all they owned, the one thing Castro never succeeded to do,

was to break their spirit and zest for living.


Perseverance was second nature to them, and after successfully escaping Cuba, and reuniting with my sister and I after an eight year separation, they started all over again, and went on to build several successful businesses - both in Miami & Puerto Rico.


Like our coffee, robust & bold, yet leaving no bitter aftertaste, it in many ways parallels the way my parents lived life and taught me to embrace it as well!


I invite you to savor & enjoy my friends!

Juan Carlos


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